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Aboud Jimmy The Textile King (R)


For the founders of Jimmy Aboud, this twin island republic, nestled in the southernmost part of the Caribbean just 361 miles from the South American coast, has been a hotbed of talent, culture, music, steel pan, Carnival and soul for decades.

With a colourful history - having first been inhabited by Amerindians, then in the hands of the British, French, Dutch, Spanish and Courlanders - Trinidad and Tobago has a wealthy cultural foundation. The more than 1.3 million people demonstrate that unique history with a talent and flair that is best demonstrated by our historic Carnival celebrations. Our gift to the world, Carnival brings together art, music and the soul of a people with limitless talent. Coupled with the steel pan, which was invented in Trinidad from the bases of the ever-present oil drums, Trinidad has created unique customs and traditions that have persevered through time.

The country, whose main industry is oil and gas, has turned this natural advantage into th riving business sectors from manufacturing to finance and has truly become the Caribbean's hub of master creativity.

On this platform of creativity and business, Jimmy Aboud has created a bustling enterprise in providing textiles to all players in the industry from the small homemaker to the conglomerates who need high quality materials for corporate work wear.

Jimmy Aboud "The Textile King" founded this company in 1949. Before this landmark moment, however, Jimmy helped his father (a peddler and haberdashery merchant) in the 1930s and 1940s while he put himself through school. Since its inception, the Jimmy Aboud establishment has grown its variety and span of products. Now, the purchasers at Jimmy Aboud scour the globe for the best natural and synthetic fabrics, even carrying ranges of exclusive textiles from its base in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, which enhances the options customers have according to their needs.

The company provides unique fabrics to the whole Ca ribbean, and the Americas and regularly received enquiries from Europe and the USA.

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