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Lo-Tec Machinery Supplies


Lo-Tec Machinery Supplies has been serving the steel industry in Trinidad and the Caribbean since 1995 and have built a reputation of having personalized and reliable service for the past 17 years. Lo-Tec Machinery Supplies is a family-run business supplies an enormous range of steel products and its complimentary items for the engineering and manufacturing businesses throughout the island. Lo-Tec Machinery Supplies retails steel that is not found anywhere else in the country and has created a niche market by allowing you, the customer to purchase any size. Lo-Tec Machinery Supplies can cut any size & shapes for materials such as Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Plastics, Bars, Pipes, Tubing and Flats. Lo-Tec Machinery Supplies offers Machine shop Tools, Fasteners, Bolts and Nuts.

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