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PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Limited

Growing Opportunities for Food Security




Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

PCS Trinidad – a subsidiary of PotashCorp, is strategically located to serve the US Gulf Coast, the Caribbean and Latin America. It is one of the world’s largest nitrogen complexes, with four ammonia plants and one urea plant on 165 acres of Trinidad’s sheltered west coast. It benefits from the country’s plentiful and favourably-priced natural gas. The facility utilises the most advanced technology in the industry to produce ammonia and urea products. Ammonia is made into nitrogen solutions for fertilisers. Nitric acid is used to make synthetic fibres, plastics, fertilisers and metal treatments, and urea is used in fertilisers, adhesives and feed supplements. PCS Trinidad is an integral part of PotashCorp’s continued success. In a highly competitive industry, being part of a major international company like PotashCorp brings stability when markets are volatile. With the demand for nitrogen growing as the world’s food needs increase, PCS Trinidad is poised to play a crucial role in feed ing the world. It also plays a vital part in enriching its nation. The PCS Model Farm & Agricultural Resource Centre was launched in February 2009, with the objective of training and teaching the local farming community how to produce more by using the latest technology, irrigation systems and responsible use of fertiliser. In addition to supporting the country’s economic initiatives and educational community, the company contributes to the social and cultural development of Trinidad and Tobago by providing assistance to local steelbands.


As the world’s largest producer, by capacity, of the three primary plant nutrients – potash, phosphate and nitrogen – PotashCorp has built a global reputation for quality and service. Our products serve three different markets: fertiliser, feed and industrial. All three nutrients are important to the fertiliser industry, with phosphate being the biggest player in the feed market. In the industrial market, phosphate and nitroge n products play the major role.

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