Print Yellow Pages

Effective Print Yellow Pages

90% of adults have the Trinidad & Tobago Yellow Pages and use it 2 times a week to find Trinidadian businesses.  Of those who refer to the Trinidad Yellow Pages to find a business in Trinidad & Tobago, 70% of references result in a contact and 60% make a purchase as a result.

With over 400,000 directories distributed annually Island-wide to businesses and consumers alike, Trinidad & Tobago Yellow Pages Print Advertising is the perfect complement to the exposure online at and mobile devices through our mobile web platform and mobile apps.

Our directories are organized by section and relevant classifications. Our organized sections, and easy to read text ensure your business message stands out and is found by anyone whether calling from home or work or if they need to make an out of town purchase. The Trinidad & Tobago Yellow Pages provides complete, inclusive, accurate coverage.

Contact a Media Consultant to ensure the Trinidad & Tobago Yellow Pages book is an essential part of your marketing strategy.